Current regular poker tournaments -

Thursdays - 7:30pm start. £22 buy-in with 1 x £20 any time re-buy till the break. (Redtooth Poker League)
1st Saturday of every month - 6pm start. £42 buy-in (£10 to head-hunter) with 2 x £30 any time re-buy to the break. Chip stack 40,000, 30,000, 30,000.
Thorne Snooker Club has hosted live poker tournaments for 8 years. We have casino poker tables, good quality chips, playing cards that are frequently replaced and big-screen display of blind count-down. All tournaments are managed by an in-house appointed Tournament Director. Players are friendly and helpful and it’s a good way to move from on-line playing to live tournaments.
For further information telephone Dave on 07967 010638